Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You got the "WRITE" Stuff Baby - FREE Valentine Printable

There are so many printables out there in blogland and pinland.  While I love all of them and the genius behind that ... I mean, why didn't I think of.. "you're o'fish'ally _____" or "OWL always ______"

I felt like we needed some fresh content.  One day I caught myself singing that old Pepsi tune, 

"You got the right one baby, uh huh, uh huh!"

And I thought, oh that would make a great printable!  So I changed it up!  In the pic I have a pen, but please out do me, go and get some cute Valentine pencils from Target's dollar bins and give these to your co-workers, friends, and your children's schoolmates.

Save the file below to your computer, then insert it into a Word document or Publisher document (whatever you fancy); and print them out!  I was able to fit two onto a sheet of paper.  Punch holes where you deem necessary and stick your gift through!

click on the image, and then save to your computer by rick clicking and clicking save image.

Enjoy! :-) -Kele


  1. Pure genius! I have every intention of sending out those little vday cards you used to pass out in elementary school to friends and family from my daughter Raegan...and if I lived closer and wouldn't have to pay for shipping, I'd use these! Too cute!!

    Also, swing by my blog tomorrow and link up for fitness friday, my first self hosted blog hop! It'd make me super happy and generate traffic and followers to your blog! winwin

  2. Noel - these are free!!! No need to purchase ;)!

  3. Hi Kele, I saw your very cute printable cards at 52 Mantels and wanted to stop by to say hello. These are so cute! Thanks so much for sharing! ~Cindy,



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